Undergradute Programs

Brief Introduction to Undergradute Education:

      Beijing Jiaotong University(BJTU),one of the first universities that are selected into the national project “ 211”and set up graduate schools, is a state key university directly under the administration of the Ministry of Education .this university is marching ahead towards the goal of building itself into an open, multidisciplinary and research university first-class nationally and well-known internationally, majoring in information and Management and featured with traffic science and Technology. During a long period BJTU consistently sticks to the quality standard of elite education and meanwhile embodies the requirement of personalized development in training undergraduate talents, Putting much effort on training high-level talents and research talents .Through constant exploration and many years' practice, the university puts forward the idea “Comprehending education, teaching according to Classification, initiating exploration” and regards “broadening the disciplinary range, thickening the knowledge base, emphasing personality, stressing ability, striving for creation ” as the aim of training undergraduate talents . According to the idea and aim, it constantly strengthens the education management for undergraduate and brings forth new ideas to it.

      In recent years, the undergraduate education of BJTU has got outstanding achievements through untiring struggle.

      In April, 2004, the teaching base of two national basic engineering courses, i.e. Physics and Electrotechnics & Electronics, was checked and accepted by the ministry of Education with an excellent result.

      In 2003, professor Hou Jianjun and Zhao Dafu won the prize of Famous Teachers for Teaching of Beijing.

      In 2003 and 2004, six courses, i.e. signal & system, Digital Logic and System, Transportation Organization Science , Logistics , Electronic Commerce and Basis of College Computer were appraised as the state-level top quality courses . Altogether 12 courses were appraised as the top quality courses of Beijing including College Physics and Experiment, Principle of Communicational system, Traffic Transportation Equipment, Traffic Program, Transportation Economics etc .

      In 2001, BJTU won second prize of state-level for teaching fulfillment and seven first prizes and nine second prizes for teaching fulfillment of Beijing .

      In 2005, the university got one state special prize for teaching fulfillment ( 3 in all in nationwide)and nine second prizes, among which two ware won by coorparating with other universities. Besides, ten first prizes and nine second prizes were got by BJTU for teaching fulfillment of Beijing .

      In 2002, Railway Transportation Technology edited chiefly by professor Wu Yujian was awarded with the first prize of national excellent teaching material. Morden Production Operation Management and Basis of Light Wave Technology with respectively professor Ding Huiping and Chen Genxiang as the chief editors were awarded with the second prize of national excellent teaching material. In 2004 , 26 textbooks ,such as Signal & System ,were appraised as the top quality teaching material in Beijing .

      Recently, modernized and advanced teaching environment and practicing environment have been constructed 86 multimedia classrooms have been built with 11616 seats, which accounts for 56.1% of all the seats in the university. 58 network courses and 36 course-teaching websites have resources. Up to April 2004 , 5.4million RMB has been invested in building 15 comprehensive experiment centers and specialized labs , which takes an area of as much as 9600 m ^2 .

      Personalized development of students has also produced desired result. Students, from 2002 grade on, may design personalized study programs according to their own development aims. Over three years, more than 150 students charged their majors into ones that interested and agreed with their personalized development. Besides, many students finished among whom two students were recommended for admission to Chinese Academy of sciences and Beijing University for Master's degree without taking exam. Moreover, 23 students were recommended for Master's degree because of their outstanding research achievements. Some of them are recommended for admission to Tsinghua University and Chinese Academy of sciences for doctoral degree.

      Numerous students participate actively in creative activities of science and technology and have got an outstanding result. Since 2001 students of BJTU have won altogether 303 prizes in competitions of a variety of discipline above the ministerial and municipal level including 12 international prizes, 17 state first prizes and 20 second prizes. Students also won the best strategy prizes in robot competition held for nation-wide college students in CCTV in 2002 and won the third prize in 2003. Three research achievements by students have been applied into production, which are not only used for physics experiment teaching in this university but also adopted by other fraternal universities.

      In recently years, students in BJTU have openly published over 200 papers in key periodicals, such as Chinese Science Bulletin and Engeneering Science, and also in large international and national academic conferences. Among them there are 6 searching papers of EI and ISTP.

      All the achievements are gained through the whole university's struggle centered continuously on undergraduate education. While the achievements belong to the past, they will strive on confronted with new opportunities and chablenges. Recently, NO.1 document of 2005, Some Advices Concerning Further Strengthening Undergraduate Education of Beijing Jiaotong University, has been delivered by BJTU, which further deepens the reformation of undergraduate education, optimizes the process of talent training, strengthening the education management level. BJTU will build course-teaching group, expand the construction of teaching information terrace, improve further the teaching quality of basic courses, develop feasibly the practical ability of students, lauch research education, perfect the elimination system on the condition of credit system, all of which is the next emphasis of undergraduate education, constructing an excellent study atmosphere and growing environment for students' all-around development.

Brief Introduction to Dean's office.

      Dean's office is the main functional department for the organization and administration of undergraduate education. There are some sub-sections in it: Main office, teaching research section, teaching administration section, teaching material section, center of teaching evaluation and quality supervision, administration center of multimedia classroom etc.

      The main duty of Dean's office is making up the talent training program for undergraduates, constructing and reforming undergraduate practicing teaching, administrating the reformation of undergraduate education, courses development, teaching material development, major development and administration, supervision and assessment of teaching quality for undergraduates, daily teaching progress and administration, testing administration, students' status administration, result administration, construction and administration of information system for undergraduate teaching.

      The dean at present is professor Zhang Zimao who is a mechanics expert and tutor of doctoral candidates.

      Tele: 010-51688621 e-mail:

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